General Guidance If Your Child Is Sick

A wonderful practical and informed guide by a very experienced paediatrician, Lawrence B. Palevsky, M.D.


Acute Illness:

Dr. Palevsky often remarks that “children need to be allowed to experience symptoms of acute illness in order for their bodies to appropriately cleanse the wastes and toxins from their systems, and so they can go forward in their lives toward greater optimal health and wellness.” Rarely does Dr. Palevsky ever need to prescribe antibiotics for children in his practice. On average, he writes one antibiotic prescription per year. This is because he has come to understand that most illnesses in children are not caused by infections, and therefore, don’t require antibiotic treatment. Dr. Palevsky recommends that parents read this section of his website in great detail so that they can better understand and address any perceived challenges to their children’s health. (Read the whole article ... and bookmark!)


Themes covered in his article:

  • Acute Illnesses

  • Dr. Palevsky’s Philosophy on Health and Wellness

  • Rethinking Childhood Illness: A New Approach to Keeping Children Healthy

  • General Guidance if Your Child is Sick:



  • General Guidance for Fever

  • Resources

Breastfeeding and protection from infections and disease


Infection and disease: The impact of early weaning

A review of studies by Cesar G. Victora, who is a Brazilian-born epidemiologist, academic and specialist in child health and nutrition. He is an Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology at the Federal University of Pelotas and holds honorary appointments at the Universities of Harvard, Oxford, Johns Hopkins and at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Victora's research has driven global policies on breastfeeding and early nutrition.

Breastmilk, cord blood and stem cells

An article by Hilary Butler

  • Breast milk contains stem cells

  • Cord blood - the primary reason for stem cells in cord blood is that the baby NEEDS that stem cell transfusion at birth. It's not "medical waste" as it was once called, ... it's nature's first stem cell transfusion. These cord blood stem cells can go anywhere in the body, and do anything - because they are pluripotent, and can be used by the body to repair any cells.  But only if the baby has them.  They are no use to the baby stored in a cord blood bank. 


Note: Early cord clamping deprives the baby of these essential stem cells needed for the baby and life-long health.​

How to make poultices and compresses

by Lucinda. Read her practical guide here.

What to do if your child is sick

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