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Blissful ignorance has the herd demanding enforced medical procedures.

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Programmed agendas repeat the same hate fuelled rhetoric over and over again, the objective is to influence the susceptible masses and convince them that an anti-vax witch hunt is required for the survival of humanity.

Our human herd is being so successfully schooled that their conditioning has them calling for their own slaughter, forced vaccination without consent. Yet, even more horrifying is the mob mentality, the flippant remarks thrown at anti-vaxxers, wishing for their child's death, or joking about a child that won't make it past their first birthday. These brainwashed beings are so beyond reason that their deluded minds actually justify such vile, violent suggestions.

It's disheartening to see society slither down this slippery slope. I don't think people consider the repercussions of the memes that are shared in jest. The subconscious effects are the most concerning as the idea is implanted and the repetitive layering builds their hardened attitude, essentially preparing them for the day the true "witch hunts" begin on the ground.

Individuals are being groomed - the concept is to fuel a "cause", vaccination, and satisfy societies virtuous desire by offering this platform where their feeding frenzy ensues, all justified in the name of their calling for the greater good. The virtuous act is delivered with primitive barbaric pack mentality devoid of empathy and basic moral values. The most hurtful part of this journey is bearing witness to the deterioration of our most treasured family or friends as they are baited, regurgitating the vitriol with venomness hatred. This caustic collective consciousness is an extremely disturbing trend.

One day, if history does repeat itself, and medical procedures (vaccinations) without consent are enforced will these ruthless pro-vax keyboard warriors realize their grave mistakes? When the hundreds of vaccinations that are due for production are enforced on the entire population, adults included, will they finally understand what our concerns are? At present they are just little chess pieces, dancing to the tune of the corporations music, a mindless mob mentality that's building terrifying momentum.

Blissful ignorance may be a convenient comfort for some, but for the others, afflicted with this tormenting truth, we hope we can awaken a new path, one that will guide humanity to prevail and prevent our regression back to the dark ages.

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