Our journey began with an innate calling to empower our community

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The evolution of our story

Through a shared passion for community health and wellness, the founding members joined forces to create South African Vaccination Education (SAVE). The collective vision is to empower our community and offer individuals the opportunity to take control of their health. This platform serves as a resource so parents can acquire the knowledge needed to make a truly informed vaccination decision. 


With manipulated media and biased agendas it is challenging for the average person to discover many truths. Our awe inspiring immune systems are capable of far more than many can imagine. Corrupt media is divisive and the rhetoric projects fear and panic by using emotive triggers that target susceptible individuals, this technique is highly effective at controlling a population and securing a market, one that will rely heavily on pharmaceutical intervention for solutions, this ensures a life long customer. 


Our approach to wellness is all encompassing, encouraging individuals to explore the tremendous power that is held within. Focus is made on the importance of maintaining nutritional well being and embracing the immune systems innate ability to counter dis-ease. Attention is repeatedly drawn to the beneficial nature of symptoms like fever and inflammation , this is how the body fights the invasion and we want parents to realize the importance of this immune response.

Our bodies are truly incredible, and when well nourished and balanced, being cognizant of the fact that one needs to address mind body and soul, humanity CAN thrive.